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The biggest advantage is high lump formation rate, low over-crushing rate, and regular discharge material shape, the discharge materials size can be adjusted, high capacity up to 1000 ton/ hour.

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Discharge material type
Discharge material type

High lump rate up to 65-80%

Discharge size adjustable

Capacity up to 1000 tph

Double roller crusher adopts the crushing theory of shearing, squeezing and stretching to break the material. The biggest advantage is high lump formation rate, low over-crushing rate, and regular discharge material shape, high capacity up to 1000 tons/ hour.

Limestone is mainly used for the production of calcium carbide or quicklime after crushing. The higher lump rate and the more regular material shape, the better quality of the finished product and the higher of production efficiency.

Since 2013, Tianhe Technology purpose-designed powerful double roller sizing crusher has gradually replaced traditional secondary crushing equipment such as secondary limestone impact crusher, secondary cone crusher, secondary jaw crusher, etc. The limestone crushing sites more than 100 projects, has basically monopolized the market for secondary limestone crushing in China domestically market as well as abroad .


Compared with traditional secondary limestone crusher,such as hammer crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher etc., it has the following advantages:


Traditional secondary crusher

Advanced secondary crusher


hammer crusher

impact crusher

jaw crusher

cone crusher

powerful double roller crusher

crushing principle



shearing and stretching


lump rate




material shape

Good shape, close to regular polyhedron or round

poor shape,including a large number of long strip, sheet material

uniform good shape and the product is close to regular polyhedron

crushing efficiency

low efficiency

high efficiency, capacity up to 1000 tph

discharge size adjustment

adjustable,but difficult to operate

adjustable,easy operate

maintenance cost

large amount of maintenance,

 high maintenance cost

the maintenance amount is very small, the maintenance cost is low, the service life of the teeth greater that 3 million tons

resource utilization

low utilization rate, severe over crushing rate , resulting in a lot of resource waste

lump rate increase at least 15%-30%

economic benefit

The industry of calcium carbide and quick lime production with limestone seriously requires higher material size and material shape of limestone;

The traditional secondary crushing equipment with high over-crushing rate and poor material shape, which seriously affect the production benefit and sales of limestone, and produce too much over-crushing material, resulting in a serious waste of resources.

The yield of finished limestone materials increased by more than 15%, greatly improving the utilization rate of raw materials;

Material good shape, improve the quality of downstream products;

Low power consumption, saving electricity cost;  Small overhaul, low maintenance cost, reduce the operation cost.



Input Size (mm)

Output size (mm)

Capacity (t/h)

Motor Power (kW)



40-80/ 50-90





40-80/ 50-90





40-80/ 50-90





40-80/ 50-90





40-80/ 50-90





40-80/ 50-90





40-80/ 50-90





40-80/ 50-90



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